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Perfect diary company listed, the country brand makeup explosion fire

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Who is it?Of course is the beauty of makeup needs of yo […]

7 trends that are pushing beauty backward


In 2019, the product focus of the beauty industry is ch […]

Can make-up make a comeback post-Covid?

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The make-up category was hardest hit by coronavirus pan […]

What are healthy growing brands doing right?


If we look back at the market from the perspective of f […]

Introducing the top friendly cosmetics line

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Shun Miyake, the chief designer of MINISO, also deliver […]

Love limited edition makeup series


The MINI PONI series that this tasting will focus on is […]

Dream myth makeup


Mini PONI series of makeup with the theme of “dre […]

Zhou Chuang created its own makeup brand

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The cooperation between Cosmos and Zhou Yangqing can be […]

On the international market of makeup market


Makeup is a hot category among new consumer brands, and […]

Lipstick is the most important step in your makeup


Line the lips first with a lip liner that is 1 shade da […]

Southeast Asian beauty brand Premiere Beaute receives millions of angel round financing


Recently, Premiere Beaute, a Southeast Asian beauty bra […]

Beauty MCN Agency May Makeup Receives Tens of Millions in Series A Financing


On March 25, Winona’s parent company, Yunnan Betteni Bi […]

Notice of Soliciting Opinions on Cannabis-related Raw Materials

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Notice of the Chinese People’s Procuratorate on P […]

CANMAKE carved five-color eyeshadow palette


CANMAKE’s make-up is very cheap, but the quality […]

The “most beautiful eyeshadow palette” in the history of colourpop makeup


This eyeshadow palette is composed of 7 matte colors, 2 […]

The new make-up brand HAUS LABORATORIES

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The long-rumored Lady Gaga personal make-up brand final […]

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or […]